About Us

BEEP is the world's largest, most-trusted scooter & motorbike rental marketplace.  Riders can choose from thousands of scooters and motorbikes offered by our Trusted Rental Partners.  Partners can list their scooters and motorbikes on the BEEP platform to find new customers and earn more money.  

Simply download the app, choose your bike, agree to the BEEP terms and off you go!  BEEP handles the entire rental process from app download to returning your rental.  All rentals carry a basic level of insurance coverage, come with helmets for all riders & do not require passport holds.  Rest easy knowing that we have 24hr English-speaking customer support, and a 24hr repair network in the unlikely event you experience a mechanical problem with your rental. 

Rental agreement signing, passport photo verification and payment are all handled directly through the app.  Our authorized and trusted rental partners simply provide you with a quick safety briefing, a helmet and keys.  Deposits, if required by our rental partners, are handled directly through BEEP and follow our strict BEEP partnership agreement.  

No surprises. No scams. Just rentals.

If you are a scooter or motorbike owner, sign up with BEEP today to find new customers and earn more money.  Listing your scooter or motorbike on BEEP is 100% FREE.  As a Trusted Partner, you set your own prices, deposit amount, calendar availability & delivery options.  BEEP handles payment processing, marketing and 24hr customer support.  All you need is a scooter, government ID and a bank account!  Sign up to become a Trusted Partner with BEEP today.

If you are a hotel, travel agency, transportation company or are interested in marketing BEEP to earn money, please contact us through our website.  You can earn a portion of the rental costs for any customer who downloads BEEP and rents a scooter.  

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