Trust & Safety

Customer Safety & Satisfaction is Beep's #1 Priority

We at Beep take Trust and Safety very seriously. Part of the market fit for the Beep platform is removing the choke points in the scooter rental business. Unfortunately scams are numerous and renters are often left holding the bag. All Beep partners undergo a rigorous onboarding process to ensure Beep users are kept safe and secure.

All Beep Partner bikes must be licensed and registered. Beep Partners undergo manual ID verification, storefront inspection and each bike is assessed for rentability. Beep handles the entire payment processing flow from beginning to end so payments cannot be 'held hostage' by unscrupulous partners. Partners must agree to and adhere to the Beep Partnership Agreement which outlines fair and equitable outcomes for every potential pitfall and problem that could occur during the rental process. In the event there is a disagreement, Beep retains final say on deposit disposition.

Passport holds are unnecessary and dangerous and are not required to rent on Beep. Simply upload your passport photo and sign the agreement. You will be provided a helmet and safety briefing with every rental.

Our #1 Goal is your safety and satisfaction.